Sales & Business development training/consultancy services

Whether you business is booming or struggling, investing in external consultancy to give you a new/fresh perspective on running your businesses efficiently & effectively and motivating your staff,  is always money well spent.

Service 1: Workshops

ABC can provide Sales & Business Development training/consultancy workshops - at a daily rate (see rates below).

An ABC consultant will attend your offices and provide advice and guidance on any aspect relating to the functionality & development of your business. This will include assessing your current sales/customer focused team, sales approaches/processes and sales effectiveness, marketing activity, recruitment strategy (including reviewing advertising/screening & interview processes/techniques), staff training & development (including assessing training programmes, appraisals schemes & employment contracts) and accounting practices. These workshops are priced on a daily rate.

Service 2: Strategy Documents

ABC can create a comprehensive Sales and Business Development strategy document for your organisation/company that will encompass agreed aims & objectives, clarification of current products/service portfolio, analysis of current marketing & advertising activity and response follow-up processes, current sales team and sales management job analysis and analysis of current sales approaches and processes.

Finally the strategy document will provide recommendations and/or a developmental action plan, based on the existing findings and analysis of alternative solutions, spanning an agreed length of time (i.e. a one year plan through to a three year plan).

Prices are dependent upon the length of time the strategy plan spans and the size of the product portfolio & team and include one initial meeting to determine the brief and clarify aims and objectives etc, followed by 1-2 days(possibly more if required) at the client’s offices to conduct job analysis and analysis of current sales approaches & process .Conference calls will take place as and when required

A maximum of three drafts (including final draft) will be submitted.

A maximum of five hard copies will be produced of the final draft (a PDF version can also be provided if required)