Praise for our trainers...

'Rachel (ABC Sales Training) really delivered for us - the ROI speaks for itself. Immediately post the initial programme we had our best month on record – with the retention team hitting over 125% of their target – and 11 out of 12 months post-training have shown significant gains, with an overall net growth of more than 30% since we started working with them.’

Tom Ritchie, Managing Director, CISION .

Today was fantastic and the entire team found it really useful and interesting. Rachel’s energy was successful in keeping everyone motivated'

Pamela Mullinger, Publisher, Monocle

'Rachel (ABC Sales Training) worked with us to design and implement a sales training programme to suit our business needs at a time of considerable change. We were not surprised that the resulting programme was delivered with the same energy, enthusiasm and professionalism that impressed us from the outset.'

Polly Avgherinos, Managing Director, Wilmington Business Intelligence , Wilmington Group plc .

'Morning Rachel 

Just a quick note to say again I really enjoyed yesterday and also got a few great takeaways that I can pass onto the team.  I was absolutely mentally shattered by the time I got home which is a great indication of a day not wasted!

Thanks again

Deb '

Debbi Warren ,Procurement Operations Manager - DMG Media Procurement

'Hello Rachel,

Hope you are well, I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. It really was a brilliant training session- informative and enjoyable. I have told my manager how much I enjoyed it and would recommend the session to her!

Anisa '

Anisa Louise Jamal, Senior Customer Services Executive, Mondelez UK Ltd

' Morning Rachel

Thank you for Friday, it did make a huge difference for me.

Time are hard for lots of people at the moment, especially in my industry with obstacles there, it’s just about working around them as you say.

I will recommend you if I know any other companies you could train.

Thanks again for Friday.

Kind regards


Anthony D'Souza, CeMAP, CeRGI, Independant Mortgage Consultants, A.N.A. Associated Limited

'Rachel was full of enthusiasm, knowledge sharing and understood Cision. Great learning. Many thanks.'
Robert Jackson, Sales Exec, CISION. Re: Sales Essentials

'It exceeded my expectations in that it awoke my love for sales and reminded me why I wanted my career in this industry. Rachel is a star, so approachable, understanding and personable. Her style is great and she made me want to be better.'

Rebecca Callagham, Wilmington Re: Sales Essentials 

"I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help last week. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and really felt motivated today being back at work. I am looking forward to making the most of this job using all my new skills! Good luck with everything, I’m sure you will continue to inspire lots of other people."

Carissa Walton- ATG

"Rachel's passionate approach is contagious and the practicality of the course was highly effective!

After this training I now feel very confident that I can actually sell my business effectively! Thankyou for your excellent and contagious passion for sales!"

Gemma Garen- Director- Legal Services Compliance

Dear Rachel,

"I just wanted to give you some feedback. Since finishing the course yesterday, and returning to work today, I have already seen  a significant improvement in my sales ability. This morning I productively acquired a booking after using the sales skills taught on your course. Following this, thanks to your fantastic teaching of a sales structured conversation, this afternoon I have successfully booked a meeting with an agency I have been trying to approach since last October.

I cannot thank you enough for the confidence and knowledge you have shared with me over the two days I have spent with you. You have been beyond helpful and provided me with excellent motivational pointers and forward-thinking actions to progress effectively in the world of sales.

Thank you once again for your support and guidance.

Grace Sobey- Sales - Admedia

"I can say without a doubt that I found your course better than I ever expected it to be, your style and approach was excellent and it has given me the confidence I needed to move forward in sales.

I am getting out more now and selling solutions to customers, using my listening skills more to understand the customer’s needs and trying not to baffle them with IT jargon.

Obviously finding new customers is becoming more difficult in this credit crunch, but I'm please to say that when I do get in front of a customer, my conversion rate has been 100% since the training.

I was talking about you the other day. I invited myself to a training session that our copier salesmen were having with Sharp's telesales trainer and it was of similar content to your course, but it was nowhere near as motivational as yours, so I would say that it would be worthwhile for Sharp to book your training services.

Since the training I must admit I have been practising my questioning and listening skills on complete strangers and despite some people thinking I'm some weirdo, it's amazing how many people are quite happy to give you so much information.

Thanks once again for the confidence lift and sharing your sales skills.""

Simon Payne - IT Sales Consultant - Newman Business

“As you were aware, I have been in sales for a number of years and probably felt that there was little I hadn't heard with regards to sales techniques, but I was wrong.

Your course and the way in which you lead it was very informative and what was most rewarding was to realise the amount of ideas and techniques I had either forgotten or had not even known about.

I felt my 2 days with you were interesting and very informative, and I feel that I am a better sales person because of it.

The structure, the way in which we were taught to word our questioning, the emphasis on focus, keeping the client focused on the point in hand, and always bring him/her back on track in order to achieve the close, wasn't rocket science but was something I had strayed from.

In all, it was 2 days very well spent and I would recommend your course to others.

I wish you continued success and feel sure that others will benefit in the same way I have”.

Paul Craddock - Senior Sales Consultant - Graphics Arts Equipment Ltd

"Dear Rachel, thank you for being an inspiration and a fantastic coach. You are incredible at your job!"

Jonny Woodridge - Graduate Trainee, Propeller Careers

"There was a lot of relevant information covered in the two day ‘Introduction to Sales’ training course. The trainer (Rachel Warshow) was excellent in her delivery and the pace and content of the course was excellent! I particularly liked the practical aspect - being able to ask questions about the problems I have been experiencing putting ‘Sales’ into practice. The ‘after-course’ supporting material provided useful information for me to bring back to cascade to my colleagues and allowed me to work through some of the information I had learnt."

Tayo Idowu - Breeze Magazine

"Re; introduction to Sales: Open Course. The trainer’s (Rachel Warshow) style and approach was good. She managed to engage the group and whilst there was a range of confidence and skill levels between everyone we still managed to cover everything. By the end of the two day course my confidence definitely improved as well as my understanding of selling."

Toby Roberts - Senior Sales Exec - Safety Media 

"Just a quick but massive thank you for everything! Your advice and words of wisdom, given in your sales development training and on the sales floor, have meant so much and really motivated me and given me the confidence to get on the phone and sell!"

Gemma Taylor - Graduate Trainee - Propeller Careers

"Due to Rachel’s experience in youth marketing we chose her to formulate a 3 year youth recruitment strategy on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Service. We found Rachel to be extremely knowledgeable in this area which resulted in the production of a comprehensive, well produced and useable strategy. We have a successful working relationship with Rachel and will consider working with Rachel again on other projects."

Debbie Whitaker - Head of Advertising & Marketing- Metropolitan Police

"Fantastic class. Great teacher. You really know your stuff!!"

Ivan Killip - Sales Consultant - Weed Management

"Very Interesting and useful training. Thanks Rachel for giving me something to take away and start using on Monday!"

Sarah Anthony - Sales Consultant- Independant Schools Council

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and also found it very helpful.
I think your training style was very effective and I appreciated your direct yet supportive approach.
I feel that although much of the information within the course was common sense, it was definitely beneficial for these details to be reiterated.
A lot of these finer points that I have in the past taken for granted, I have since given a greater share of my attention."

Steve Skillett - Key Account Engineer - Waterloo Air Products PLC