About us

Whether your company is hitting its sales/customer  targets or not, reviewing & modernising your sales approach, customer communication focus & business development strategy for today’s market place is vital in order to generate and maximise every potential sale/customer and keep your staff motivated & focused. 

With over 20 years of extensive experience, ABC Training & Consultancy successfully deliver comprehensive, tailor made training workshops/ courses as well as coaching and consultancy services for self employed individuals ,small to medium and large sized businesses.

All of the training & coaching delivered is wholly interactive. Our focus lies in making the training courses and/ or coaching delivered, fun, simple and practical (as well as challenging & focused). We know, through experience, that delegates are more likely to absorb information and remain enthusiastic if the content is uncomplicated and the atmosphere is upbeat and motivational.

ABC is also focused on ensuring that individuals finish the training workshops/ courses and coaching with a clear and simple approach that can be easily transferred into the work place.

ABC’s training & coaching services are completely flexible & adaptable to your needs. Services include pre-course consultancy, interactive delivery & post course support (including follow up coaching options).

Daily consultancy workshops are  available and highly recommended for general trouble-shooting & business development.

Recruitment & selection consultancy services are also available.